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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

Day 3

Posted 03 January 2018 by Jimmy Stephens
I feel a little better not smoking today hopefully it's stays like this

Day one

Posted 03 January 2018 by Troy
I felt like I needed bongs as soon as I woke up. But I don t need them.

Day 2

Posted 02 January 2018 by Jimmy Stephens
Man I gave in a little bit and smoked I'm sorry I really wanna stop so I'm keep fighting to give it up

Why I am quitting

Posted 01 January 2018 by Patrick
All my life I have been against the use of marijuana, I went through my whole high school and college pre-grad clean. Then when I took a hiatus from school I tried marijuana (at the age of 20) and got hooked. Since then I had been using marijuana on the daily, whether it be bud, vaping, edibles, etc. Then I got into my dental hygiene program, and I swore to myself that I would quit. But this never happened and I was still smoking on the daily while going through a very tough and demanding program (BASDH). I told myself that I was smoking to get rid of stress and anxiety from all the weight that the program put on me. But in hindsight I was just masking the stress and using marijuana as an escape from school. I now realize that marijuana has taken over my life and I want to change. I no longer was smoking out of pleasure, it became a compulsory habit that no longer gave me the same highs that it used to. Reflecting on the past year I could ve saved thousands (upwards of $3,000) if I never got into smoking. I am 21 now and although it is very easy to gain access to weed I vow to either completely quit or smoke every once in a awhile (once every month or so). I want what s best of me, my education, my family and my pocket.

Day 1

Posted 01 January 2018 by Jimmy Stephens
Today haven't been so bad been the first day without marijuana hopefully the second day be even more better for me

Day 1

Posted 22 December 2017 by Stanley
I actually downloaded this app yesterday and just knowing that there is support for people going through this is amazing. I ve been trying to quit on my own and have failed. I think this time it s gonna work. I want control of my life back. One day at a time. That s all.

Day 3

Posted 30 November 2017 by Lauren
First journal entry and it has been almost exactly 72 hours since my last cone. In the back of mind I'm constantly thinking about weed and that I want one cone... I've been offered on more than one occasion in the last 24 hours but I've stayed strong said NO. Day 2 sucked with my emotions all out of whack and being easily irritable, plus the runs. but day 3 is worse, mood swings and constipation sucks! Hopefully day 4 is easier, or at least the constipation is gone.... fingers crossed.


Posted 27 November 2017 by Moe
16 days smoke free for me today. Feeling good, still craving here and there but its getting easier to tell myself that its just not worth it. Anyone else using this app?

Day 3 🙀🙀🙀😿

Posted 20 November 2017 by The O
Today was not easy but I got to feel pride in my choices. Gym sesh yesterday with morning workout this morning left me aching all over today making it harder but without weed life feels possible so I'm simply very grateful right now. Waking up with strong energy tomorrow is going to be great.

Day 1 - quit yesterday - counting from today

Posted 18 November 2017 by The O
Today has been interesting - morning cravings and night cravings seem to be what require the most willpower. Not feeling like talking (nobody calls anyway) or eating - stomache doesn't agree though ... says I'm starving. Gym was wholly necessary yesterday but I didn't go today, tried to leave the house to go to the launderette but it turns out that wasn't in the cards. Tomorrow's another day, I hope I wake up ready. I think I should just go to bed now. Xx
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