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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

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Posted 13 March 2018 by Ehsan
I am not happy. I have been smoking weed for about 2 years are a half, on a regular basis. I initially started smoking weed because it would make me feel good and forget about some girl that I really liked, but some shit happened so we were never together. I lost many friends along the way because I went to a different college. The college I go to now; I started smoking weed at the start of the year. Since then, I have always said that weed is bad and it isn t good but yet I continue to smoke it everyday. I want to stop because it has affected the way I think, often forgetting things and having negative thoughts. My highs are pretty much shit because all I do is overthink till I have another thought (this drains out a lot of my energy and it makes me sleepy all the time). Hence why, I have got into an unrewarding routine when I am not smoking. As a college student, my priorities should lie within my studies but I believe my addiction to weed has caused a definite impact on my abilities to work. I cannot think of an efficient strategy that could work for me in order to stop smoking. I have tried in the past but I only last a few days before I am smoking again. I really need help. It is either that I accept I am a weed smoker and be happier, or it is that I stop using but I know that s what my mind will not want. So I am addicted and I do not want to seek help because I got into this problem alone, and I should fight most of it alone. I am sorry because I wrote a book on hope when I was 14. Now I am 17, soon to turn 18, and I can t even beat a mind addiction I can t even stop because as much as I fucking hate the withdrawal symptoms, I cannot sent that I crave the feeling. Send help man I m fucked.

Trying to Cut back

Posted 28 February 2018 by Marc
ITS my 4th day of Not Smoking Weed on a daily Basis . First in thought or would become hard and was affraid i couldn't sleep but that ist the Problem . My Problem ist that im ill right now ( propably a Virus ) and i can`t do Sport while having Fiber . Well Sport is The only Thing that Kills The boredom which leads to Smoking Weed .Not Sure how to Deal with this right now . Is There anyone WHO needs to Cut back or quit mostly because of The Money ? How do you Deal with all The time you dont Spend high ? Im sorry for mistakes Not an native speaker .

Set back

Posted 23 February 2018 by Anthony
I had a big set back straight out of the gate. I get my weed from my brother in law and its just so easy to arrange that when I stayed out for a drink on Wednesday, I ended up seeing him and buying some. I really don't want to do this anymore,I threw the last of it away at least.

Daily affirmations!

Posted 12 February 2018 by Jade
I do not smoke. My lungs are strong and healthy. I am able to breathe deeply and fully. - Taking care of myself physically is important to me. I like keeping myself fit and feeling good. - I am a non-smoker - and I am proud of myself. - I have more energy and stamina than ever before. I enjoy life and I'm glad to be here. - When I see a cigarette or a joint, or even think of one, I automatically hear the words "I do not smoke" - and I don't! - I really enjoy breathing clean, fresh air, being healthy and being in complete control of my body and mind.

Sleep 2day#

Posted 16 January 2018 by Rocy
After 24hours Of insomnia straight. I was hoping to have a little tiredess showin At 610am

Any craving helps??

Posted 14 January 2018 by Dave
Trying to quit again but struggle with the cravings

Day one of cutbacks.

Posted 12 January 2018 by Bradley
Have tired with cold turkey didn't work...will give this "cutback method" ive never been one to do things slowly. Its always go hard or go home..i first started smoking with i was 14 now im a month away from being 21. I feel like a waste of space i feel like the only thing worth living for is weed. And now its time to change that. time to take back my life from the dank ganja. So heres my day 1.. wish me luck

Day 4

Posted 04 January 2018 by Jimmy Stephens
Just like day one - three

Day 3

Posted 04 January 2018 by Ben burhouse
Today went pretty well felt real cravings and a bit down at night which is usually when I smoke so expected it . Hoping that everyday gets a little easier .

Day one

Posted 05 January 2018 by Lars
The day came.. Iam going to smoke my last joint in an our. And then waking up tomorrow as a different men I won't spend an other dollar on weed!
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